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  2. Why NAFFCO?



Quality and trust

We realize that adapting your home, store or business office is one of the most important things you focus on and aspire to through accuracy in product selection, engineering planning, quality, perfect technical performance, and even high-end administrative handling. We believe that quality = product quality + service quality.


Competitive price

We assure you, dear customer, that our prices are always the best compared to the engineering and technical specifications, the materials used, the capabilities and quantities of air conditioning and refrigeration units, the application of engineering standards for the plans, as well as the technical and administrative team support.


 Maintenance and warranty

In all our offers and contracts, we make sure to be clear about the warranty and maintenance responsibility we provide as well as the length of time for equipment and field work. This is an essential item included in all our offers, so we are committed to securing a distinguished and trained maintenance team to successfully provide the service.


Customer service and your care

We consider customer service to be like presenting a successful and enjoyable artistic performance to the audience. There is a team working behind the scenes for your comfort and happiness and to achieve a quality that you like, a comfortable and distinctive work theater, and infinite precision in performance.


Solutions according to your needs

We know that one solution does not meet the requirements of all customers. Rather, we believe in expanding the engineering planning according to your requirements, taking a first look at your home and store, then getting started. We are able to develop precise engineering schemes.


A consulting team for you

We work with always-present engineers and technicians so that they can choose the right product and provide high-quality service due to their long experience, training and permanent development in the smallest details and the management’s keenness to invest in cadres.


Separate executive departments

We believe in specialization and distribution in tasks and roles to produce quality work and accuracy in performance, and for this we have a special department for maintenance and warranty, a special department for foundation and installations, and a section for flattening and ventilation with separate management under separate leadership.


Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

We are agents and authorized distributors for more than one international brand in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration. We are keen to provide the greatest possible diversity while maintaining our high efficiency and quiet work system.


Raw materials and raw materials

When it comes to materials, we are more careful to choose the best materials from commercial brands committed to ensuring their products, safety and security standards at every step, as well as international quality standards for the convenience of their customers.


We pledge to satisfy you

Every member of the NAFFCO team will be ready and ready to serve you in the event of any problems or minor defects in the products and services provided by the company, and we will not hesitate for a moment to satisfy you.