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Organizational Chart


The past years have witnessed very rapid growth, almost unbelievable. .
NAFFCO has kept pace with this growth and dealt with this growth according to two principles and important values: speed and balance.
We were the fastest in developing our services and products to keep pace with the speed of the permanent changes in the tastes and needs of our customers, and our capabilities, production capabilities, and quality have more than doubled and this created balance, and we are determined to further growth and progress with steady and confident steps
Through the implementation of our vision to be the first choice for air-conditioning consumers in the Kingdom Arabic.

Organizational Chart

Managing Director
Financial and Accounts Department
● General Accounts
● Purchasing and Inventory
● Costing

Sales and Marketing Department
● Branch Sales
● Project Sales
● Online Sales

Operation Department
● Executive Section
● Equipment and machinery
● Technical Staff

Human Resource Department
● Staff Affairs
● Administrative Affair