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Variable cooling air conditioning system (VRF, VRV)


NAFFCO offers a variable air conditioning system, VRF, VRV, which is an advanced and easy-to-control system for air conditioning, and air conditioning systems for installations with different cooling loads, which works on a wide range of applications for different applications to adapt to establishments, hotels, government departments, and many homes, etc.

What is VRV and VRF?

The vast majority think that the variable cooling system (VRF, VRV) is two different systems, but in fact the two systems are in agreement that they are used in almost the same technology. Choosing a suitable air conditioning system for your home may be difficult in the beginning due to the multiplicity of systems available and available on the scene, where there are many systems and vary with features Different and varied capabilities, but the VRV and VRF air conditioner remains the best in terms of efficiency and capacity as it is able to cool an entire building quickly, but first let us delve into and know more about the difference between VRF and VRV system and learn the many benefits of this technology.

NAFFCO for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is one of the first companies in the Kingdom to introduce this technology to its customers, and to provide all information about the VRV system in many projects across the Kingdom.


VRF system work and components

The VRF refrigerated air conditioning system contains many features and capabilities that make it the best heating and ventilation system in air conditioning compared to other systems, as it is the best efficiency, capacity and progression, and the advantages included in the VRF system:


The VRF system is characterized by the use of an air-conditioning system and the inverter compressor, and the inverter compressor is a good energy and consumption saving, as it has very limited energy consumption.

Air-through-water cooling is often used by regular air conditioners, but in air conditioners that operate with a VRV and VRF system that operate with a refrigerant cooling system only, the chiller generates cold air without using water, and this system is definitely better.

VRV, VRF air conditioning systems contain many air-cooled processors that can be connected together in the same loop of one refrigerant. This feature is considered as a bonus given to air conditioners to operate in an expansive system and suit large projects such as malls


Types of VRF systems and their features

Cooling systems (the least widespread) These systems of air conditioners do cooling only and do not contain a heating system and are considered one of the least widespread systems

Evaporative air conditioning systems (the most widespread) and in this type of system work on heating and cooling of course not at the same time

Heat recovery systems (less widespread) are excellent, superior, and highly programmable systems where the systems provide cooling and heating with an independent system at the same time and are considered one of the most complex systems.


Types of VRV systems and their features

It works with inverter compressors, which in turn help to save energy and consumption

The systems for the two systems, whether heat recovery or transmission systems, operate with cooling and heating, or each of them separately, which contributes to saving energy significantly.


It can cool a large area and area of ​​a room

You can control units individually or in groups

After getting acquainted with the two systems and the advantages of each one of them separately, you may notice that the advantages and capabilities of each system are common and similar in reality. This is true because we already mentioned this previously, which is the similarity of the two systems together greatly. We are now coming to the best types of air-conditioner currently available to help you, even if only a small percentage, to make a purchase decision with the same satisfaction.