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Concealed HVAC system (CONCEALED)


NAFFCO offers the Concealed Air Conditioning System, which is one of the most popular and sought-after air conditioning systems. HVAC is classified as a split AC system. Where it consists of an outdoor unit in addition to an indoor unit, and it is hidden by additional ceilings. And it needs to be connected to the place to be air-conditioned.




Stages of installing concealed air conditioner


Since air conditioning works are linked to the various stages of construction, starting from building walls and ending with paints, it is necessary to coordinate each stage of construction with the decorator or the supervisor responsible for that stage.


Beginning: The studies department at NAFFCO works on designing the executive plans for air conditioning that show the locations of the indoor units, the duct path, the air outlets (Grill), the places of planting copper pipes and the places of the outdoor units on the plan, and then it is sent to the customer for review and approval for the foundations.


After approval of the establishment plan, the following phases are made according to site readiness:


Cultivation of pipes through which copper passes during the construction stages for each floor separately and before casting the ceiling or retaining walls, starting from the basement, if any.

Establishing air conditioner drainage pipes to the nearest drainage point.

Establish thermostat wires.

Marking openings in walls to flatten and extend the copper before plaster works and after the completion of the electrical installations.

The studies department matches the executive plans with the gypsum ceiling plans sent by the interior designer, and after they are completed, they are sent back to the owner for final approval.


After the final plan is approved, the following stages are made according to the readiness of the site and the client’s desire:


Installing indoor units and connecting them to water drainage pipes, thermostat wires, and copper connection.

Detailing ducts and air outlet boxes (Plenum Box) in the NAFCO factory, then supplying, isolating them on site and installing them including flexible connections and all Dumber, all in accordance with international specifications (SMACNA)

Installing the outdoor units on the roofs according to the places previously agreed upon with the customer, and they are often on the last upper roof, and they are installed after the completion of the tiling and surface insulation process.

And finally, installing the air outlets (Grill), and the installation will be after the first face of painting.

Then install the thermostat and make sure of the electrical connections.

And finally, an initial operation of 72 hours to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the air conditioning.



Advantages of concealed conditioning

The possibility of directing the air to more than one area through the “Duct” airways.

The absence of noise from the indoor unit due to its remoteness from the air-conditioned place and its presence in the corridors.

It is easier to maintain and lower in electricity consumption compared to central air conditioning.

Medium installation cost compared to other system