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Automated duct construction and design


NAFFCO provides manufacturing and design service for automatic air ducts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Air ducts are defined as the connecting link that distributes air in the required quantities to the areas to be air-conditioned, in a way that ensures that it reaches every corner of these areas.

The air ducts are manufactured and designed in NAFFCO for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration by a group of experts from engineers and technicians, according to the measurements issued by the design plans previously prepared by the Studies Department, and the thicknesses indicated in international codes.



They are corridors and air ducts that distribute the air in the necessary quantities to the places to be conditioned and spread it inside in a way that ensures its arrival to these places.


Most of them are made of galvanized sheet sheets that are not subject to corrosion and corrosion, as well as for their hardness and ease of formation. They are also made of aluminum and steel, but for limited applications.


The sheet and design of the ductwork and its accessories shall be formed in the NAFFCO Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Factory under the supervision of experienced engineers, according to the measurements shown in the design plans, prepared in advance by the Studies Department, and with the measurements and thicknesses indicated by the applicable international codes (SMACNA), which is the World Association of Iron and Air Conditioning Contractors .



Types of air ducts

Air ducts are made in different shapes:

The most important of them are the square or rectangular shape and their connections, and they are used more widely due to their ease of concealment with borrowed ceilings.

Circular air ducts and their connections, manufactured to the required diameter and often used in places where there is no gypsum ceiling.

Air ducts are oval, somewhat circular, with different manufacturing methods.


Ducts are an important and complementary part of air conditioning and ventilation systems

In air-conditioning systems, including “concealed, central, and desert air conditioning”, they work to transfer and distribute air in certain quantities and draw return air to re-cool it again in the central air-conditioner and sometimes in the concealed one.

In ventilation systems, they work to transfer unwanted air outside from “garages, restaurants, swimming pools, bathrooms, isolation rooms in hospitals, and others”



Duct insulation

Ducted air ducts are insulated with fiberglass wool from the outside and from the inside, but inside it is covered with a layer to protect it from humidity and prevent the spread of fiber particles in the air, to maintain the temperature rushing from the fans through the air duct and the flexible connections, then the boxes to the outlets of the “grills”

The insulation also reduces the volume of airflow, in order to reach international standards.


Duct accessories and components

Canvas (Canvas), which is a connection with metal ends in the middle of a type of skin that helps to absorb the vibrations caused by the machine and not transfer them to the “duct”

Flexible joints connect “duct” to air distribution boxes, and are insulated with glass wool. They are flexible, easy to form and pass in narrow places.

Air distribution box (Plenum Box) which connects the flexible connections to the air holes and is also isolated from the inside.

Dumber is used to control the velocity, quantity and division of air flow. It can be controlled manually or automatically and has several types.

Grilles air outlet vents come in several types: “side, longitudinal, square, circular, jet.”