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Ventilation solutions (VENTILATION)

حلول التهوية


NAFFCO provides VENTILATION solutions which ventilation is one of the most important engineering requests that must be taken into account from the beginning inside any building in the architectural design in general, and especially in the spaces with high humidity due to the lack of natural air in these buildings and facilities.


Ventilation solutions

This process is done by using fans in different cases, including:

Regular ventilation work

It is a process of drawing in unwanted air and pushing fresh air in its place in some cases according to the requirements and nature of use.


Forced ventilation works

The most famous of them are the cases of fire (God forbid), in which the smoke extraction process takes place with special specifications (withstand high temperature) fans and is linked to the fire system.


And also cases of air pressure for escape stairs (stairs) and this process takes place in tall buildings and this pushed air increases the pressure in the stairs to prevent any smoke from escaping to it in cases of fire, in order to allow people to leave the building, and all of this is designed according to international specifications and codes, the most famous of which is the code Fire Fighting (NFPA)


The purpose of the ventilation process

The purpose of the ventilation process must be determined according to the nature of the place and its requirements

From air replenishment and the percentage of air to be renewed or replaced, its uses, and its sources.

  • Determine the amount and specifications of air.
  • Determining the ventilation system, will it be done centrally, i.e. by adopting a fan and air duct network, or by segmented ventilation, that is, each place is independent from the other.
  • Determining the type of fans to be used, taking into account that they are appropriate to the purpose and place, and determining their capabilities and places to install them, taking into account that they are within reach of cleaners and maintenance personnel, and that they do not cause concern to those around the place or its occupants.


Ventilation works and solutions are divided into:

  • Pumping air from outside to inside (Fresh Air)
  • Exhaust air from inside
  • Fresh Air and Exhaust at the same time in some places.


Given the importance of supplying these spaces with fresh, healthy air and replenishing the air inside them

We work at NAFFCO for air conditioning and refrigeration to find all kinds of ventilation solutions for different places and according to their nature

Places of heat and steam such as (restaurants, home kitchens, etc.)

Places of humidity and lack of oxygen (such as swimming pools, garages, warehouses, gyms, etc.)

Places of heat generated by equipment such as (factories, workshops, etc.)

Places of bad odors and polluted air (such as hospitals, bathrooms, etc.)

Crowded places that need air suction and new air pumped together, such as (halls, malls, etc.)



Types of ventilation systems

Roof Mounted fans, which are installed outside the building on the upper roof, and are used in both cases to pump fresh air or suction the air, but in the case of air pumping from the outside, they are installed with filters to purify the air.

Inline fans, which are installed inside the building over the false ceiling, and also work in both cases of air suction and pumping from outside.

The Cassette Fan is attached to the false ceiling as if it were part of it

Wall Mounted fan, which is installed on a hole in the wall, façade or glass window overlooking a street or skylight.