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Supply, installation and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems

NAFFCO provides supply, installation and maintenance services for HVAC systems throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the company’s professional technical team. To ensure providing the best service in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, starting from supply and installation, through comprehensive maintenance work for various types of systems.





Targeted Groups


Mosques are one of the most important targeted audiences in NAFFCO, in which many important projects are implemented periodically and continuously.



Malls always have the full capacity with their visitors around the clock, certainly providing the best service for them is one of our goals in NAFFCO.


Palaces and villas

One of the important categories in the private sectors is the palaces and villas category, as its comfort and safety starts from integrated scientific engineering solutions.


Universities and schools

Of course, universities and schools are the cornerstones of progress and prosperity, so we are always keen at NAFFCO to provide the best service.


Sports clubs

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and qualifying sports clubs is an essential task we have at NAFFCO to contribute to achieving future goals.



Quality comes first, this is our motto when talking about the category of restaurants we have usually in NAFFCO in our beloved Kingdom.